Shiramizu Amidado

Shiramizu Amida-do is a designated national treasure. The temple is said to have been modelled on the Golden Hall in Hiraizumi and was built in 1160 by Princess Tokuhime in memory of her husband, feudal lord Norimichi Iwaki. It is an  famous Amida hall, a style popular in the late Heian period.
The hall is known for its elegance and the Jodo-style garden’s beauty. The atmosphere of the garden  is very similar to Hiraizumi’s Motsuji Temple. It is also believed that the Japanese character for “zumi” was taken from “Hiraizumi” and split into two to form the name “Shiramizu”.  The hall enshrines wooden statues Amida Nyorai as well as Kannon Bosatsu, Seishi Bosatsu, Jikoku Tenno and Tamon Tenno, which have been designated important cultural assets.



Shiramizu Amidado Hirohata-221 Uchigoshiramizumachi Iwaki, Fukushima 973-8405

Opening Hours
From April 1 to late October 8:30-16:00
From November 1 to late March 8:30-15:30
400yen(Junior High School and above)
4th Wednesday of the month, 2nd Wednesday and Thursday of December


Uchigo Station on the JR Joban Line
Uchigo Station on the JR Joban Line From Uchigo Station, take the bus for Kawadaira and get off at the Kokuho Amidado Mae stop. From there it is a 5-minute walk.

The path inside the grounds is gravel.

Accessibility Information

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