These limestone cave were formed over  80 million years. Warm in winter and cool in summer, visitors can enjoy the stalactites up close. The path inside the cave has lots of ups and downs so is unsuitable for wheelchairs, but the view within the the grounds is stunning so even just a walk around the park is satisfying. The park also has a multi-purpose toilet.
In addition to the limestone cave is, there is also a souvenir shop, restaurant, gazebo and observation deck within the park.
You can admire the stalactites as you walk along the 600m route inside the caves. The path has a with lot of stairs and parts that are very narrow  with ceilings low. The path inside the cave is very much like an expedition so is unsuitable for wheelchairs. Because it is dim inside, even people without a disability need to watch their step.



Fukushima-ken, Tamura-shi, Takinemachi, Sugaya, Higashikamayama 1

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Tickets to enter Abukuma Cave can be purchased from the ticket office, but entry to the observation deck and park are freeAdmission
Adults: 1200 yen
Junior High School Students: 800 yen


Approx. 5 minutes by taxi from Kanmata Station on the Banetsu East Line.
Approx. 15 minutes from the Ono Interchange on the Banetsu Expressway.

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Disabled Parking

The area from the disabled carpark to the area surrounding Abukuma Cave is flat. Part of the path from the general carpark has a gentle incline.


Purchase tickets at the ticket office within the grounds before entering Abukuma Cave. There is a very long set of stairs leading from the ticket office to the cave entrance.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet 1

Toilet Information
Multi-purpose women’s toilet

The Sawayaka toilet is within the grounds and has a multi-purpose toilet for both the men and women. There is also a parent’s toilet with a children’s urinal.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet 2


Dining Venue
Rest House Kamayama

Rest House Kamayama has a souvenir shop on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor. Access to the second floor is by stairs only.
Type of door: Manual door (hinged) + 2 automatic doors Width of entrance doorway: 96cm (manual door), 210cm (automatic door)

  • Entrance to Rest House Kamayama
    Entrance to Rest House Kamayama